Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Would You Do?

As I have posted about before, we need a new air conditioning unit. We did have a couple more people come out to give us quotes, and they were much cheaper than the first.

So here is the question. Do we go ahead and get a whole new system for the house, or just buy a couple more window units? I will list all the pro's and con's for your reading pleasure. :-)

Whole New AC Unit

Pro- It needs to be done at some point, and it will add value to the house. Also, with Donnie and I both currently working we have more money now than in the future. And best of all, we would have a cool house.
Con-It will cost about $2,400. We do not currently have this much money, so we would have to go into debt to pay for it. Then with interest, it would end up costing a lot more.

Window Units
Pro-This would cost a lot less. From what I have found on walmarts website we could spend about $300 for a much cooler house. No debt needed!
Con-Window units are a pain, dragging them up and down each spring and fall. Also, I think in the long run they are more expensive to run.

So what do you all think? New AC or window units? Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

I don't normally vote for going into debt - but I couldn't live without central air. Every nook and cranny of the house is cool, instead of the one room the window unit is in. I hate to sweat when I'm in the house!

HOWEVER - if you are not as hot-natured as I am and you think that you'd be ok with just the living room and maybe bedroom cool w/ units - then I say go for it!

And to answer your question - yes siree bob we are homeschooling this summer. We started yesterday. It's very laid back though. Jacob needs a lot of help with writing and English - he's great at math, history, and science. Jennah is great at everything (4.0 for the whole year her first year of middle school! YAY Jennah!) but she is reading the original "Dracula" and doing some research and doing a newspaper worksheet that incorporates geography, English, and writing skills. Emme is doing science, math, and English. They are all reading 15-30 mins a day as well and we do nature walks several times a week.

Let us know what you decide! It's nice a cool today! I have the windows open! What is up with this weird weather?


Anonymous said...

Wow that's a hard question. Have you calculated how much it would cost you in energy bills for an AC vs. window unit?


Rain said...

In my opinion I would say go in debt and get central air you need it and it will in the long run make things alot easier and heck this is one time before the baby when you can go in debt for something for the house cause ones the baby is here you will have to think twice before going into debt for something that is not a MUST so go ahead and do it you only live once and it will be better for you in the long run.

Rain said...

PS I actually blogged today wooohoo first time in months and have lots of new pictures up go check them out if or when you have time :)

Courtney said...


Wow, that quote sounds much better than your first couple! Did you ever end up contacting Hutchison? (Just wondering.)

That's a hard call to make, but I don't think I could go without the central air. I'd say go for it now! Once little baby Courtney (or Steve) is born, central air may go way down on your priority list--so I'd say get it now otherwise it may be years before you even start reconsidering it.

Just my two cents! Good luck with whatever you decide!