Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Would You Have Done?

On Sunday Donnie and I took Frankie to get groomed at Petsmart. So when he was done we headed back to Petsmart to pick him up.

I'm going to give you all the details of this event so you can fully understand the situation.

I unlock the car door, Donnie puts Frankie in the back seat on the passenger side door. I walk around to the drivers door to get in, and by this time Frankie is in the drivers seat ready to greet me.

Well...I get in the car, and the lady in the car next to me starts yelling. She was telling me how I should NEVER leave a dog in a car without the windows cracked, how he could have died, and on and on.

I explained to her that Frankie was in the store with us, and not in the car. I'm not sure if she did not hear me, or not believe me, but she kept going on and on about what horrible dog parents we are.

So at this point I looked at her, and said "okay, thank you" in a very cheery voice, and drove away.

So here is my question. What would you have said to the lady?


annemarie said...

i would of smiled and waived!

Anonymous said...

#1 You know you did nothing wrong -- that's the most important part. You didn't put Frankie in any danger and you're a Wonderful Puggy Mom. #2 The woman is passionate about animals -- which is good.

If she would have listened, explaining that you're in the same mind-set as her -- that it's terrible to leave a pet in the car and that you hadn't, in fact, done what she was assuming -- would have been great -- but when all else fails, sticking your tongue out and mock strangling Frankie may have been effective! Amy (oaks)

Anonymous said...

would have ask if the letters F.O. ment ne thing to her

Anonymous said...

I would have told her where to go.

Rain said...

Well the things I would have said would not have been too nice LOL that cousin Donnie has told you about would have definetly come out but Mind your own business and Kiss my *** would have probably been part of it. I mean yes I get it she is a dog lover but to jump down your throat about something she does not know to be true is just ignorant and personally I think she has a lot of gull to have the nerve to confront you with that its not like she seen the dog in the car and no one At the car my words trust me would not have been kind. I must say you handled it in a very great way :) alot better then I would have.

Trixie said...

ooooooh, so sorry that happened to you! I might not have been quite as nice, glad you kept your cool.