Friday, June 27, 2008

Thanks Peeps!

I want to thank everyone for sending me their money for seeds. THANKS!

I was able to buy 30 packs of seeds and take them to Capuchin Soup Kitchen this week. The seeds will be given to the guests at the soup kitchen to encourage them to start growing their own food.

I hung out for a bit, to see what all goes on. And I have to say, they are doing super cool things there!On Wednesdays and Saturdays, they have volunteers come down to tend the gardens. 90% of what they grow they use at the soup kitchen, and the other 10% they sell at local farmers markets to raise awareness about urban farming. They even have 40 bee hives!
While I was there they were picking currants. This was all very educational for me, because I had never heard of currants before. So I was told to pick some right off the branch and eat them! How fun is that?
Also while I was there a group of neighborhood kids came that were part of a summer camp program that Capuchin hosts. So with them I picked currants for a bit.

What an awesome program this is! Thanks everyone for your help!

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