Thursday, February 19, 2009


I’m sure everyone has heard about the mom who just had 8 kids, with 6 more at home. How crazy is that? I listened to some of her interviews and she said that she was an only child growing up. That made her want to have lots of kids, so they would have playmates.

Now Donnie and I are both only children. And surprisingly, (or maybe not surprisingly) the VAST majority of our friends are only children. And know what I think? Being an only child can be a great thing! As of right now, we are planning on the peanut being an only child.

What do you think? Is being an only child a good thing, or bad?


Rain said...

Well I personally thing that being a only child would get lonely and is harder in the future. I know for me that if I did not have my sister I would be lost. But I think it depends on the person and situation. I do not think that it is right that the lady had 8 kids and already had 6 at home I think that is crazy and that 6 was enough. And I know it is a persona opinion but I think she should be forced to have her tubes tied cause she can not afford the ones she has already.

Anonymous said...
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