Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Fun

Our family had a very busy weekend! On Saturday we attended a very fun surprise party for our friend Steve, and then Sunday was the dedication for Josiah.

My mom and I planned on bringing some food for the dedication, so on Friday my mom and I baked about 7 dozen muffins! Let me tell you, that's a lot of muffins! My mom also brought fruit, bagels and juice to church, so everyone was well fed. (I'm very upset that I did not get a picture of all the food.)
I was very nervous about Josiah during the dedication. He enjoys screaming during church, and we prayed and prayed that this would not happy. And you know what? He did really great! Sure he was a bit cranky, but no screaming!
So during church we were asked to come up front, and vow that we would raise the peanut in a Christan home. My parents also got to go up with us to vow that they would help us in raising him as a Christan. And then Pastor Chris took the peanut and the whole church prayed over us. It was a really cool thing! The church gave him a bible with his name on it, and a letter from the church for him to open on his 12th birthday! What a cool idea!


Courtney said...

Aw, I'm so glad everything went well! Thanks for coming on Saturday! I can't wait to see the entire Kelley family sometime soon--Peanut is getting so big!!! :-)

Rain said...

I am glad he did so well at church and wow he is getting big. I can not belive it. by the time I see him I bet he will be crawling around.

annemarie said...

How incredible! I wish I was there!