Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Shack

My mom loaned me the book "The Shack" to read. I know its on the New York Times bestseller list, but I had not heard of it.
I always enjoy a good book, so I did read it. However, I'm not sure really what I think. I did enjoy it, and I have been pondering on it a lot. However, I don't think it shows the whole picture of Jesus, or what he did on the cross.
Has anyone else read it? You have to let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

I've read it and liked it too. My "take" is that it's more of a glimpse of how God interacts with us. A different view of how we see Him as the trinity. I agree that it doesn't address salvation at all -- but I think the story is more about our relationship -- maybe with salvation already a "given" aspect of the story. How to go to Him, to communicate with Him, to rely on Him -- after the salvation part has already been accepted. Just my thoughts. ~~ Amy (oaks)

Mike and Anna said...

How does peanut like the snow? :) btw you need to check out the movie "Fireproof" I loved it.. and it makes you think..