Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 1/2 Birthday Donnie!

Today was a big day around here. Donnie and I celebrated his 1/2 birthday! He even got presents!!! He is quoted as saying "I should have 1/2 birthday's more often!"

For his presents, I gave him a book that he had been wanting from Borders, and some Webkinz cards. Seeing that Donnie and I are WAY to into our Webkinz the cards were great fun for both of us!

Frankie, however was very convinced that the cards were for him, and proceeded to try to chew them open. This was VERY humorous.


Anonymous said...

Happy Halfy Donnie! You two sure make life a celebration, don't you? I love it.
~~ Amy (oaks)

kb said...


Happy Half birthday! and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rain said...

Well Happy Half Birthday Cuz, I am so going to have one of those wait til January 3rd I am going to tell Tim I want Webkinz cards also for my half birthday lol. Did you get some great items on your codes??

AnneMarie said...

Happy 1/2 B-Day Donnie! Your hair is getting LONG! Wow!