Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So this past weekend I was working on our Christmas newsletter. Last year I took it to kinko's and printed it. But doing it this way cost me an arm and a leg! So this year I decided just to print them at home. Well of course, midway through printing I ran out of ink.

Donnie being the wonderful husband that he is when and got ink for me at Best Buy. Best Buy was having a promotion that if you spent so much money you got a free $5 gift card. And know what gift card he picked out for me? The happy Kwanzaa one. Too Funny

"Its beginning to look a lot like Kwanzaa, every where you go"


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Anonymous said...

That is too funny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had no idea you guys had a pug. Do you ever read any of the Pug Blogs? Some of them are a hoot, and make me laugh all the time, especially since Pugs all seem so similar in their habits and quirks.

Rain said...

That is funny he is a nut. LOL