Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pets and More Pets

Seeing that we have 3 dogs, 2 gerbils, and a hammy we are naming our house "The Kelley Animal Sanctuary" Here are a few of the residents.
Everyone knows and loves the Frankie Pug. He is quoted as saying "No one asked me about our home becoming an animal shelter."
Snickers is visiting with us while his family is in Florida. He is quoted as saying "Throw the ball!!!!!"
The newest resident, and up for adoption. He even has his own web page. He is quoted as saying "I can't wait to find my forever family!"
Our sweet hammy is quoted as saying "Do you have any seeds?"

Wilber and Timpleton were unavailable for comment.


Courtney said...

You have such cute pets!!! I love the pictures! By the way, how'd you get "Puppy" (or "Petey"?) his own web page? How'd you choose a rescue? And are you the temporary foster parents?? He is so cute! Not a pittie, huh?

AnneMarie said...

Is that a rat? :)

Sidenote: i was at katie trapp's the other day and I tasted your bread and dip. it was GOOD!