Saturday, November 03, 2007

What a Day!

Happy Birthday to me!!!! Yeah!!! I love my birthday!!!! Feel free to leave comments of birthday wishes.

Today started off as a normal day. I met my dear friend Katie for Starbucks, and had a great time. On the way home I notice this tiny puppy in the road! Poor thing!!! So when I got home I made Donnie go with me to see if the puppy was okay. the time we got to the puppy another couple had stopped to check on it also. The four of us went and knocked on doors asking if it was their puppy.
Then the other couple left, and we were left with a puppy. So, we brought the puppy home, and put him in our kitchen. We then made up some found dog posters, and put them up around the neighborhood. And now we are waiting for its mommy and daddy to call.

If no one calls are we keeping the puppy? Nope. We are going to hang on to him for a week, and then if no one calls we are going to find a good home for him.

Anyone want a puppy?


Anonymous said...


Love you,

Aunt Deb and Uncle Bob

Rain said...

Well First and formost HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and awww that is such a cute little puppy how is frankie liking him? Hope he is playing nice with him. Well hope you had a great day did you get lots of presents???

AnneMarie said...

Oh my goodness! That puppy is the cutest thing ever! I love it! KEEEEPPPP HIIIIMMMM! :)

Happy Birthday Girl!

Donnie said...

Annemarie you are more than welcome to him if nobody claims him. We think he's adorable but we work too much to give him the attention he needs.

Sherry said...

Happy belated birthday! Or happy birthday week!

That puppy is SO CUTE! I hope Frankie isn't upset over him though. You know I loves me some Frankie!

I'm sure the mom and dad will come get him! How could you not love that little face!