Thursday, August 23, 2007

Around the House

While I was Internet free last week, Donnie and I (and my mom) tackled a big yard project. We tore out the front two bushes! This turned out to be much more work than I thought it was going to be! However, at one point Donnie went to Meijer and bought a new saw. The job went much faster after that!

This is the house before

And this is the house after!

I think it looks better. What do you all think? Donnie was very fond of the bushes when we moved in. However, one of them died so we knew it was time for them both to go.
In other house news, my sunflowers are blooming! This makes me thrilled. I was thinking for a while that it was never going to happen! Here's the odd thing, the sunflowers are SO tall, so I thought that the blooms would be equally as large. However, the bloom part is not really all that big so I think it sorta looks funny. Maybe I'm being over critical. You can be the judge.


Rain said...

Yes it looks much better now, I liked it though before also But makes it look larger and more opened. Great Job Guys :)

Steve said...

Those are some TALL sunflowers! They look great! I also like the front of your house without the bushes (although I liked it before too). Are you going to put anything in their place?

Steve said...

Oops, I'm logged in as Steve...This is Courtney!

geo said...

2 in 2 dayz....WOW lol

AnneMarie said...

The house without those bushes looks fabulous! I could only imagine the sweat and muscles you put into that project.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- the house looks really nice without the bushes -- good job! The sunflowers crack me up -- they're so TALL -- but the bloom ROCKS! Looks like you may have a few more blooming soon -- fun stuff! Amy (Oaks)

kb said...

I think that you need to feed that flower some miracle grow (but just to the flower part).

Anonymous said...

Good for you guys getting the bushes out of there! I know how hard it is! I got rid of one in my back yard and it took me, oh, 2 summers? lol Ok, almost.

I'd love to get rid of EVERYTHING in front of my house! But it's going to be a huge job and we'd need tons of fill dirt, etc etc and the roots go under the house from the dead tree blah blah nothing but problems. lol

Ok, that is one tall sunflower! The tiny bloom did make me giggle. But just a tiny bit. ;D I've never even had one grow before! The squirrels always get mine!