Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm alive!

I know many many people (like 2) are concerned that I have not posted in a long while. To ease your minds, I am alive. However I have been sucked in to the world of........
The kids I nanny for both got webkinz about a week ago, and I had so much fun just watching them, that I knew I had to get one! So yesterday I bought an elephant that I have named Penelope. (I got it for 20% off because I had a coupon!) It is SO addictive!!! Once I get online to play it, I can't stop!!! But its so fun! I love it! Has anyone played the Sims? Its JUST like the Sims but for kids. My Penelope stays much happier than my Sims ever were. And she is much easier to care for. So if you don't hear from me for awhile, I'm with my webkinz. :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we know Webkinz! Emme has one, Jake has one, and Jennah has four! I play the online games :D I leave the care, feeding, and clothing of the 'kinz to the kids though! My 25-year-old sis has a couple! So you are not alone in the love!

I also love ! We had a subscription for months until the kids started to tire of it -- but you can still play for free! Check it out!

Glad you are back!


Courtney said...

That website, and the penguin one, are very similar to what Joel is developing with his friends. (And the reason why he's taking a year off school to move out to California and develop their system full time so it will hopefully take off!)

Glad to see you back on the internet world! :-)

Rain said...

Well I for one am glad that you are back :) I have not played the webkinz but I have played the Sims I might have to check it out for the girls I play on I have a subscription on there and they are always asking to play it I dont allow it often cause it has chat in the games and I am against young girls on an open chat you never know what could be said :( But the webkinz might be a great Medium for us Thanks alot and Hope to hear more soon from ya :)

kb said...


So the results of your fasting from the computer, were to buy an elephant?

geo said...

yea and it took almost 2 weeks lol