Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Parents Are Home!

My parents were on vacation for awhile and today they came home! Donnie and I had the very important job of picking them up at the airport. Seeing that I have never picked up anyone from the airport before (besides being with my parents) this had me a bit nervous. However, it all went great! We pulled up to pick them up, and within 5 min they were out of customs and ready to go! I think I would do it again!
To welcome them home I brought them a sunflower from my yard. My mom was very impressed that a plant survived in my care. ha ha ha
Other than going to the airport, I have done nothing today. And you know what? It was great! I did get some cuddling time in with Snickers. Frankie is so jealous he is about to pop! Its funny, and cute to see him like this.


geo said...

ur cheatin on frankie... shame on u lol

kb said...


Your flowers are so pretty! I hope that you had more then just one grow in your garden.