Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This and That

As I posted a couple of days ago, I was concerned about my sunflower bloom not being proportional to the height. However, I think things are changing! I think the bloom is getting bigger! Is this possible? Also, I have many other buds about ready to bloom!!! Yeah sunflowers!!
This bud picture is slightly frighting. It has a Venus fly trap look to it. Frankie better stay away!
Speaking of Frankie.....once again we are a two dog family. Or as Frankie would say, a Pug and a dog family. We are dog sitting the same dog as a few weeks ago, and I hope this week goes better! Needless to say, Frankie was not super thrilled to have him back. He turned into a pouting pug.

Thanks for all the help on identifying the chestnut! We will have to try and roast some! I even looked online to find out how to do it. Does anyone like chestnuts? However, Katie commented that I can't save them all to roast in the winter. Why is this? Do they go bad? You all will have to fill me in on all your chestnut knowledge.


kb said...

I think that you should build an addition to the house, just for Frankie! And yes, the chestnuts will do bad after awhile. If you eat them let me know how it turns out.

Rain said...

Well Tell Frankie maybe its a good thing that I did not get to the post office yet to mail out his package. I am sure he wont want to share his bones with the other dog LOL. But no I should get there soon Hopefully before friday if not friday for sure cause with tims schedule at work he has been getting in around 4:30 and that does not give us enough time to get to the post office seeing how our main branch is closed because of the flooding but Friday the small branch stays open til 6pm instead of 5pm so If all other attempts fail I will for sure get it out on friday and I got something special for him besides the chocolate covered bones but I wont ruin the suprise he will just have to wait and see what it is :)

geo said...

frankie's thoughts... " get that dang dog outta my house.. it's bad enough to put up with donnie!!" lol ;)

Donnie said...

Shame on you! Frankie loves his Papa! lol!