Friday, August 31, 2007

State Fair!

Today Peggy (Donnie's foster mom), Georgie (Donnie's nephew), Donnie, and myself headed to the State Fair. What a time we had! We got there right when it opened at 10, and did not leave till 5! Needless to say, by 5 I was hot, tried and ready to go home.

Donnie and I love the animals at the fair. We saw many a farm yard animal!Here are some goats. (I would not touch the goats, I don't like goats)

We also went into the miracle of life tent, and saw a cow giving birth. All I have to say is that it is something I will not soon forget. Also we got to see some baby pigs. One baby pig was not too fond of being petted.
Donnie's highlight of the day was his bottomless cup of chocolate milk in the dairy area. He claims it's the best milk he's ever had. Seeing that it cost 50 cents, and he had three glasses, I think he got his money's worth!
A highlight for both of us was seeing Amanda. We first met Amanda last year at the fair, and fell in love with her. And you know what? She was back this year! We were so happy to see her again!
After spending time with the animals, I entered a cupcake decorating contest! It was so much fun! It was divided up into age groups, so I competed with 9 other adults. I have never done anything like this before, but I would definitely do it again. Sadly, I did not place, however, I did get a ribbon for participating! I am very proud of my state fair ribbon! FYI Donnie took these pictures. :-)
Another fun part of the fair was the rides. This was BY FAR Georgie's favorite part. He rode rides the whole time I was doing the cupcake competition.
Donnie decided he was going to go on this big cedar point type ride that takes you to the top of this tower and then drops you down. Well...things were going fine...untill...the ride broke! That's right, the ride took them up, then they were stuck! Finally they were able to come down. On the bright side, he did get his money back! (Donnie is on the far right in the picture)
I would encourage everyone to head to the fair this weekend! Just don't ride the ride Donnie did!


Rain said...

That sounds like you guys had a Fun Filled day. But why did we not get to see your cupcake you decorated??? I would have liked to see it. Well there is always next year :)

AnneMarie said...

Now why don't you and Donnie adopt one of those baby pigs? They are so cute!

Hey, I will answer the question you posted on my blog when I see you next. Great question!

kb said...


What did you do with your cupcake once you were done decorating it? Did you get to eat it?

Courtney said...

Omigosh those pigs are so CUTE! Way to go on the cupcake decorating contest too!! That is so cool you got to participate in that! :-)