Saturday, September 01, 2007


I meant to post a picture of the cupcake that I decorated yesterday, but somehow I forgot. So without further ado, I present my cupcake.
As you can see, not only did I decorate the cake, but also the plate! I think the judges were blind not to give me first place!! ha ha ha

Some people had some questions about this cupcake, so I will try to answer them. We were giving all the supplies to make the cupcake, and we were able to eat them after. I took my home and then ate it. :-)


Rain said...

Thats cute So did they have all the little decorating tools and things there for you to use?? and was the contest timed??

AnneMarie said...

Stacy, you are #1 in my eyes! It looks fabulous girl!

Sherry said...

Emme said "oooooooooh looks good!" She's a girl who likes a bit of cupcake to go with her icing! This is her dream come true!


kb said...


I love your cupcake! It looks extra yummy!!