Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm always looking for ways to make extra money, so I thought I would try the world of ebay. Here's what I did, I went to this super nice thrift store and bought 4 shirts, and 2 pairs of pants in size 4T. These are name brand clothes that I spend about $1 a piece on.
Seeing that it's back to school time, and people are starting to buy for fall and winter I thought this would be a good time to try this. I really had no idea how it would turn out, but surprisingly it went very well! This is something I'm going to do again for sure!


geo said...

you need to find some jus like that for donnie ;)

kb said...

Did you sell all the clothes?

Courtney said...

I'm confused...Did you sell the clothes that you bought at the thrift store on e-bay? Did you already sell them, or are you just setting the e-bay thing up now?

Rain said...

Congrats again on the Ebay It actually is fun selling I love watching my auctions at the very end :) its so exciting sometimes.

Sherry said...

I plan on starting up my own e-bay shop as well for next month! You will have to come over for tea (or I can come to you) and we can talk e-bay and I can return your container to you :) And if you come here, please bring Frankie! Emme and I want to meet him SO BAD!

Oh....and very sad news.... Jerry passed away last week :( He was sort of old for a hamster and he had a long, full life. But it was very sad :(