Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Dear Husband

This morning while we were getting ready to go to church, Donnie headed outside to the shed. I meet him at the side door and he had this on his shoulder.
Normally I'm not one to be freaked out by bugs. But when I saw this on him I flipped. It was SO big and scary looking! A second later I realized that it was just the exoskeleton of a bug, not a real bug. I also realised that Donnie put the exoskeleton on his shirt just to freak me out. ha ha ha. I have SUCH a humorous hubby. ha.....ha......ha


Rain said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I would have freaked out then when I found out he put it there I would have kicked his butt if I were you that is Nasty I hate bugs Yuck Yuck Yuck LOL

Anonymous said...

That's HILARIOUS! You should be proud of Donnie for using natures resources as a form of entertainment (even if it's at your expense) ~~ Amy (Oaks)

Sherry said...

We did a study on these last summer -- cicadas. We went hunting for them and at a park in Taylor Emme actually found one that had JUST come out of its shell! It was sitting next to it with its wings drying. Awesome! They are a little freaky and I don't want to touch one or anything, but I do love the sound they make! Oh, and I saw one coming up through the ground a couple of months ago when I was watering the flowers :)


Courtney said...

We saw an exoskeleton JUST like this up at Fish Lake!

Weird how we're both posting pictures of bugs in our blogs now...hehehe

AnneMarie said...

I have never seen a bug like that! Gross!!!!!