Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wowie Wow Wow!!!!

Today Frankie got a package in the mail!!! It was from his favorite 2nd cousin, Amy. Needless to say he could hardly wait to get into the box!
The first thing he opened was a "treat or treat" shirt. This was the first shirt he has ever had! And he loved it! He was so happy to put it on!
The next thing he opened was the chocolate dipped bones. (not to was white chocolate, and that's okay for dogs) Needless to say he LOVED it! He ate it licketly split!

While Frankie was busy with the bone we opened the rest of his presents. Not only did he get a shirt and two bones, but he also got a squirrel and a rope! He is in doggie heaven!
To top it all off she got presents for Wilber, Timpleton, and Oy! I think all our boys are going to get spoiled!


Rain said...

Well I am glad that he liked, He looks so cute :) I am glad he liked the bone tell him more may come in the future :) I am going to start Making them myself. And I hope the Hammys like the pretzels :)

Courtney said...

Frankie looks adorable in his shirt!

kb said...

OH my gosh, your pets are living in 7th heaven! Are you going to take Frankie Trick or Treating this year?

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacey I just wanted to tell you I got the girls and My self a webkinz this weekend and we are all signed up. So let us know your name sometime so we can add you to our webkinz freinds list :) Amy