Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Go Me!

(this is my first works for me Wednesday post! I hope everyone enjoys!)
So recently I have been trying to work out and eat healthy. I'm still walking away the pounds! I even give myself a sticker on my calender every time I do it! Stickers make me happy. :-)
I also have made a chart, to chart what I eat. My goal is to eat four servings of fruits and veggies each day, and three servings of dairy. Seeing that I'm a vegetation I'm also charting the amount of protein that I eat.
Each time I eat something I check it off on my chart. I think the whole checking thing is the most fun part! For the protein area I write down what I eat, and how much protein it has. I add it up as the day goes on. The V on the chart is for me to remember to take my vitamin!

That works for me!


Dana said...

I used to do something like this and it helped so much. Guess I should start it again! Thanks for the reminder.


katie said...

I love your methods! Keep up the good work.

Courtney said...

Yeay for stickers!!! I used to give myself a sticker on my calendar every time I went to the gym.

I won't even tell you what year that calendar was from!!! lol...I need to start going again!

I love your chart too--GO STACEY!!

AnneMarie said...

You are one diciplined woman! I am amazed!

We are starting to kick off a pedometer competition at my work. It is amazing looking at how many steps one takes in a given day. It is even more amazing when you convert those steps into miles.

Mrs. Brownstone said...

What a great idea for charting your food and exercise!

Thanks for sharing - and you're right, stickers ARE fun!

Sherry said...

Wow you are doing great! I need to dig out my Walking Away the Pounds DVD! Or dust off the Gazelle.... it's been MONTHS. *sigh*

I've only done WFMW once -- since I can never think of anything that "works for me" lol!

Did you go to the Detroit Zoo? We went to the Toledo Zoo last week. We had a great time! I didn't get to stay long enough though, so I will be going back in a couple of weeks!

Oh -- did you know that Sept 29th is free national museum day? If you want the link, let me know. There are some around here you will be able to get into for free.