Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Is It?

Here we go with another round of everyone's favorite blog game....What Is It?
We first discovered these things when we were tearing out the bushes in the front yard. They are coming from a very large tree in the yard. As you can tell from the picture they are VERY pokie. I opened one up with an axe and it had a nutty center.

Our friend Any had us over tonight for a barbecue, and seeing that she has a green thumb we took one of these to show her. She was very fascinated with it, but did not know what it was. She did want to know what the leaves of the tree looked like, so here is the leave if this helps anyone out!
So if anyone can help I would love it!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm first to solve the mystery!

It's a chestnut!

Here is a link to a pic:

Sherry said...

Ok, I Googled and, well, there is no scientific way!

One said to STEP on it to crack the case open, then use thick gloves to peel away the spikes!

The rest all said to use thick gloves and peel it!

Good luck!


kb said...

Yep that's a chestnut tree, for sure. Just don't think that you can save all the nuts and then roast them over an open fire come winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey, I don't have any idea what that thing is....

I just logged on to my Mom's computer to get in touch with you...I don't have your email address. Email me back at, I wanted to invite you and Donnie to Kayla's birthday...Sunday, Sept. 9th at 2:00p.m. Food will be around 2:30 or 3:00. We'd love to have you.

AnneMarie said...

Now watch! It is probably some form of poison ivy.