Thursday, July 31, 2008

Belly Update

Today I headed to the doctor for a check up. And know what she told me? The baby is BIG! She said I could wind up with a 10 pound baby. When I told my doctor that I was over 10 pounds when I was born, she understands now why this baby is so big.

So she is going to keep close tabs on me for the rest of the pregnancy. The plan as of right now, is that she wants me to go into natural labor. Then as labor progresses, she has warned me that I might have to have a c-section. *Please note that my mother had me completely naturally.

I think its funny that I have only gained a pound this whole pregnancy, but I have a big baby! Its amazing how God takes care of us!


Anonymous said...

I thought that little angel looked big. Can't wait to see him. Big babies are usually pretty. You know I like pretty. Ha

Courtney said...

10 pounds?! Holy smokes!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jennah was 11 pounds 12 oz and I made it naturally! Jake was 9 lb 6 oz and Emme was my "tiny" 8 pound 13 oz baby! LOL

I just realized the other day that I still owe you for the seed donation! I forgot all about it! Will you PLEASE re-send me your address to

And sure, I want to bring a 9 month pregnant woman with me on vacation to a place with cliffs and caves.... uh huh. NOT!

HUGS! Can't wait to see the first pictures of that little one! Should be soon! YAY!