Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Mouse in the House!

On Sunday, when we were moving the house around, we discovered that we were not alone. Somehow a mouse had gotten in, and was ready to help us move.

Our neighborhood has lots of trees and lots of wildlife. ( wildlife) Donnie and I have seen groundhogs, bunnies, possums, chipmunks, and many squires. We also have a family of raccoons that we think are living in the vacant house behind us. So seeing a mouse was not really all that shocking.

I was so proud of Frankie. (Now keep in mind that this is the pug that is afraid of the gerbils, and hamster.) You know what? He chased the mouse! And barked at it! I was so proud!

So Donnie and Steven decided that they were going to catch it, and the did! I was very impressed. I do have to say that the little guy was VERY cute, with the biggest ears. I have a feeling Donnie wanted to keep the little guy, but I made him take it outside.

I know the pictures are not all that great. It was hard to take his picture!


Rain said...

I would have been screaming if I seen a mouse LOL my first thought would have been one of the hammys got out or the gerbil and once i realized it was not I would have freaked out and been like catch it and get it out NOW lol. glad they got it. and with out hurting the little thing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that little mouse was cute, but where there's one there's more. Trust me. Tell Frankie to sleep with one eye open, so that he can catch the others.


Courtney said...

Eeew...Not cute at all! lol...

By the way...mice are pretty dang smart...I agree with KB, tell Frankie to keep an eye out. He may have been taken back outside, but I can pretty much guarantee you that if he wants to he will find his way back in!