Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm a bad mother!

Yesterday, Donnie and I went for another ultrasound.

Has anyone seen the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda goes for her ultrasound, and she fakes it? Well...that was me yesterday. I could not see anything that this poor lady was trying to show me, so I faked it.

Things like "Oh wow!" were coming out of my mouth when all I was seeing was static. It was sad. Donnie on the other hand could see everything this lady was pointing out. Even more sad.

After the ultrasound we decided to grab a bite to eat at Big Boy. And you know what? I being the horrible mother that I am left all the ultrasound pictures there. Lucky for me, Donnie remember them and grabbed them. I'm quoted as saying "Thank goodness you remember the static pictures!"

I'm only posting one of the static pictures for your enjoyment. This one is my favorite, mainly because I can tell its a face! :-)

And yes, they did tell us the sex, and no we are not telling. I still don't trust these shady ultrasound people. :-)


Rain said...

I know how you feel the first time I seen alyssa's I was like oh okay thats a head sure it is but then after they did the close up ones like this one of the face I could see it so dont feel bad I think we all experience the static pictures LOL. But this is way cute I would like to see the others but maybe the reason your not showing the others is they give away the sex. I know on alyssa's the doctor typed in on it It's a Girl kind of like how they have FACE on yours so maybe that is why you are not showing??? maybe not lol. but either way as long as the baby is healthy that is all that matters.

Courtney said...

This may sound weird, but the baby looks like you!!! I can see its face and it definitely resembles its mommy!! :-) (Then again, I did know you since you were what...6? So maybe I'm seeing some elementary school picture flashbacks or something!)

Donnie said...

It does look sorta like it's mommy doesn't it? Thank God it doesn't look like me! :P

annemarie said...

baby annemarie looks so adorable!!!!!!! :)