Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vaccines (part 2)

Donnie and I have come to some conclusions about what vaccines we will, and will not give our child. Here is our list.

We will give our child HIB, PC, and DTaP.

The following we will not give our child:
Hep B- I do not have hep B, so there is really no way our child could get this. (unless they become sexually active at a VERY early age)

Rotavirus- This vaccine has only been out for a short amount of time, has really odd ingredients, and the infant fatality rate from the virus is very low.

Polio- There have been no cases of polio since 1985 in the US, so the chances of our child getting polio are rare.

MMR- Measles, mumps and rubella are all not very common and not very serious. Also, some studied have linked this vaccine to autism.

Chickenpox- There are some really odd things in this vaccine, like human DNA. And rarely is chickenpox very serious.

- Many flu vaccines still have trace amounts of mercury in them. Mercy has been linked to autism.

These are our thoughts. What are yours?


Anonymous said...


I disagree with not giving the Poilo and MMR. The rate of incidence of these infections has dropped so much since 1985 because people have been vaccinating their children. These diseases still do exist. Regarding the Rotavirus, it is highly contagious and I actually know of a kid's hospital ward that it devoted to fighting this virus currently. Now weather those children infected were vaccinated or not, I don't know. But I do think that this is something that you should be discussing with a doctor, not a book.


annemarie said...

I have this conversation with people all the time. With my co-workers, members of the Y, and even the parents of my kids that have autism. The parents of the kids with autism are strongly against vaccines. I have even sat in many dicussion groups on it. It is an interesting thing to study.

Mike and Anna said...

Anna has all her vaccinations and has yet to have any ill affect. I'd suggest giving all the recommended shots. But I do understand your hesitation and had the same debate. We felt it was a safer choice to do the vaccinations.