Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Big Move

On Sunday, Donnie's friend Steven came over to help us move some furniture. We wanted to get the computer room cleaned out so we can turn it into a baby room! In my mind this was going to be an easy process, to be done in three easy steps. 1.) Take blue couch from the living room the the curb. 2.) Move couch from computer room into living room. 3.) Move computer desk into living room.
However, in reality this was much harder. The computer room had TONS of stuff in it. Who knew? :-) So we had to move all this little stuff out first. This turned the house into a total mess as we were trying to find room to get all this stuff out of the way!
Then the boys had the task of moving furniture through tiny doorways and hallways. Where was two men and a truck!?!?! Then of course once the boys moved the furniture into place, I decided that I did not like it where they put it. :-) They were very kind to me.
They ended up taking two couches, one chair, and three lamps to the curb. Our tiny house could not hold all this!
So we finally got the computer room empty. I even washed all the walls in the room! Go me! Then we loaded the room back up with baby stuff.
Slowly the house is turning back into a house! Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

It looks great! Baby Kelley is going to love his/her own room.


Anonymous said...

Oh, look at little Frankster napping under the window. Exhausted from all the moving I suppose! I'm sure Donnie will be happy to have his closet back now that Baby can keep his/her diapers in his/her own room!

Amy (oaks)

Rain said...

It is looking good. But dont over do it missy I was told when pregnant it is not good to be washing walls or lifting over your head for things. so you take it easy and let the men do all that stuff. :)