Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Father Knows Best

Yesterday I was trying to get the peanut down for bed for well over an hour. Needless to say it was not going well. I asked Donnie to come and swaddle him. (Donnie does, what I like to refer to as, the death swaddle. He can swaddle the peanut SO tight, and the peanut loves it. I can't ever get it as tight as he does.)

So Donnie swaddles him, and he is still super upset, so I thought I would rock him for a bit. I started to rock him, then Donnie told me to just put him down because rocking him will just prolong the crying.

I did not tell him this, but I was thinking that he was a complete moron. I have been working with kids for the majority of my life, and I know what works and does not work. Or at least that was what I was telling myself.

Being the good, and submissive wife that I am, I put the peanut down. I only mainly did this to prove Donnie wrong. But you know what happened? I put him down, he gave a couple of whimpers and then he slept for 6 hours! 6 hours people!!!!! How crazy is that.

So I had to eat humble pie, and tell Donnie that father does know best.


Katie said...

Hilarious! I love your honesty.

Can I come and visit?!

Donnie said...

Aww! Honey, I appreciate your honesty and I really appreciate your compliments sweetheart. But I'd bet that last night had more to do with luck than me really knowing whats best. I love you, (And my little Peanut too!)

Anonymous said...

Lol. Call it luck or call it a miracle! Baby Joe slept for 6 hours, that's wonderful!


Rain said...

I am not sure if it was luck or not but You have to stay strong and not rock him cause if you give in once it resets all the times you have not givin in so stay strong and good luck. oh yeah Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

annemarie said...

Too precious!