Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hallowen Fun!

As I posted earlier, my mom and dad came over to help us last night with Halloween. This was very helpful. My mom was on peanut patrol inside while Donnie and my dad took turns helping me pass out candy.
Before the trick or treaters came Donnie and I carved a couple of pumpkins. He carved Dracula, and I did a ghost. They were a big hit!
The peanut was asleep for the vast majority of the night. He missed out on all the fun! However, to be festive, he did have his Halloween outfit on!
And of course Frankie dressed up in his bumblebee outfit. He only kept the hat on for the pictures, then he shook it off. :-)
We had a great night! It was fun to see all the neighborhood kids dressed up. It was also great to be outside in this great weather!


Courtney said...

Glad you had a great Halloween! I agree--the weather was AWESOME! You look so cute with your hair in braids and that fun necklace!!!! And I have to say, Frankie was the best dressed Halloween pug I've seen. :-)

Don't worry--Next year Josiah will probably be WIDE AWAKE through all of Halloween evening!

Rain said...

Frankie and Josiah look so cute. Looks like you guys had a good halloween.

Anonymous said...

I love the braids SK! And of course Frank the Bumble Bee, I'm sure was a hit!