Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy (early) Birthday to me!

Today Donnie and I celebrated my birthday! (its Monday)

The day started with a present! Donnie and the peanut wrapped and presented me with a wonderful gift. Please note in the picture that the present is wrapped with paper from our printer, and held together with painters tape. I love my hubby! :-)
Also note that in this picture that the peanut is holding onto the present! How cute!!
And what was the present? The book "I was a really good mom before I had kids". I was so happy to get this book! I had seen it in Target, and even blogged about it. My hubby remember all this and bought me the book. How sweet is that!?!
Then it was off to church. Because it was cold out, we put the peanut in a winter coat for the first time. He is SO cute in it. And you know what? He was quiet all during church today! What a blessing that was.
My wonderful parents met us at church to take the peanut so Donnie and I could have some time alone. They are SO good to us! So after church we headed to my favorite restaurant, Sweet Lorraine's for lunch. It was very very very yummmy.

After that we headed home for a bit. Donnie was planning on taking me to see High School Musical 3 (I have really wanting to see it), but being home with no peanut was so nice I did not want to leave. So we ended up sleeping, and enjoying the peace and quite. It was wonderful!


Amy Nobile said...

Happy Birthday! What a great present! :)


Amy Nobile & Trisha Ashworth, co-authors,
"I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids"

Courtney said...

Yeay! Happy early birthday!! :-)

Rain said...

Thats great well hopefully tomorrow on your real birthday it will be just as good. Hopefully you will get to see HSM 3 soon cause it was really good :)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!
I miss Sweet Lorraine's... it was always a special treat back in my days at Wayne State! Glad someone is still enjoying it :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Kisses to Frankie and Josiah!