Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday! Sadly the day did not start off to well. I fed the peanut around 2:30am, but he would not go back to sleep. He did not really fall asleep till like 9am. That means mama was up from 2:30am on.

I was SO tried all day I thought I was going to fall over. My mom came over so I could run a couple errands, and everything that could go wrong did. As I'm sure you can figure out I was not in a real good mood.

On Monday nights we normal have bible study at our house, but I was feeling to crummy so we canceled. We did however, have cake! My mom had bought a cake, and some icing to write happy birthday on it. The icing came out really thick so all I could get on the cake was the word happy. It was sorta sad.

My mom even brought candles for it! (there were not 29, they would not have fit!)
So Donnie and the peanut sang happy birthday to me,
and I got to blow out my candles.
Then I promptly went to bed. :-)


Rain said...

That was a really cute cake even if it only said HAPPY :) but did you at least have a piece of cake before going to bed? I know I would have heck just seeing the cake makes me want some cake maybe I might go bake one now or some cupcakes LOL thanks for the idea to make goodies. Hope you can make up for the bad birthday and tomorrow will be lots better.

Courtney said...

I love the HAPPY cake!!! You guys are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I think that everyone should have a cake that just says "HAPPY"!