Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To cry, or not to cry?

Let me tell you a story. A few weeks back I noticed that the peanut was sleeping during the day mostly in my arms. This was not working for either one of us. The peanut was not getting good sleep, and was very cranky. My arms were killing me, and I was not getting anything done.

I called the peanut doctor, and she confirmed what I was thinking. The peanut needs to sleep in his crib after every feeding. She told us to put him to bed drowsy, and then let him cry. She also told us that within a week he should get the hang of it.

Well...its been a week, and things are still not going well. He gets drowsy, we put him to bed, he screams...and screams...and screams. There have been many times this past week that I have wanted to pull my hair out! There is only so much screaming one can take!

I'm going to give it another week. At some point he has to start sleeping on his own, right? On Friday we go back to the doctor, and I will see what she thinks.

So what do you think? Should babies cry themselves to sleep, or should the parent get the baby to sleep?


Rain said...
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Rain said...

I think it is ok to let him cry it out. If he has been feed and changed there is absolutely nothing else you can do. I say put him in bed turn on a baby mobile so he has some music and something to look at and let him cry it out. He will hopefully get used to it. Or you can try an in between like after feeding and things try the swing he may cry but he will see your not giving in to holding him then if he continues go on to the bed. Just stay strong and know your not doing anything wrong it is just him being a baby. Hopefully he will get the hang of this soon. if not maybe the Dr. will have some more suggestions. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rain's post. Teaching baby Joe that he will get held "every" time that he cries, isn't any good for him. But I couldn't understand where someone could pull their hair out listening to all the screaming. Let me know how is goes.


Donnie said...

Oh after two months of listening to Josiah scream at night I can definitely understand wanting to pull one's hair out. I feel that way every day.

Anonymous said...

Josiah is learning to expand his lung capacity and will one day be an olympic swimmer! Yes, I beleiving in letting a baby cry it out -- obviously if the cry is not from pain, hunger or a dirty diaper. You can get thru this phase Stacey -- hang in there! Amy (oaks)

Preston said...

Stacey and Donnie don't let him cry it out, it never worked with Harrison. We still have to hold him until he is a sleep before we can put him to bed and we LOVE it. This is the only way we can get him to sleep through the entire night. I wouldn't change it for the world. I know it is hard, Harrison had colic, but it does get easier.