Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bionic Woman

I'm now calling myself the bionic woman.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound done of my thyroid. I will not know the results of that until I chat with my doctor in a few days.

Today I got my EKG machine put on. I get to wear this for 24 hours! I'm so lucky!! I have to say it feels odd having all these wires and such hooked up to me. I also have to keep a journal about what I'm doing during these 24 hours. Seeing that I still feel pretty bad I think the whole journal is going to say....resting.


Anonymous said...

thats the box that jumpstarts you in the morning ???? lol

Anonymous said...

I had to wear that thing too, many moons ago! I have an atrial flutter and occasional dysrhythmia. It's minor.

Good luck!