Monday, February 26, 2007


Currently I'm at work, and its nap time! That means I can have a few minutes of computer time!!! I knew I could not wait till Wednesday!! Here are a few updates.

I have not gotten any results back from the many tests I had done last week. However, I should hear from the doctor today. I am feeling much better.

The new house is great! Two Men and a Truck moved us on Saturday. They were great!!! So fast!!! But we still have some odds and ends at the apartment that we will have to get out before the 1st. Donnie and I spent most of the weekend painting. We painted the second bedroom, our bedroom, and the living room. The only thing we have left is the hallway!!!

I do have lots of pictures that I hope to post on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad I couldn't wait till wednesday either!

Rain said...

I know how you feel stacey I hated it with out the internet for two days when My computer first crashed. Cant wait to see the pics and I finally got my blog up and started yes I copied off of you after I seen yours :) hope you are not mad

Anonymous said...


Can't wait to see pictures! Glad you are feeling better. I hope the tests don't show anything serious. Two Men & a Truck moved my mom a couple of years ago and they did a fantastic job. In my opinion it is SO worth it to have them move you instead of doing it yourself.

have you thought of what to call your blog now?