Friday, February 23, 2007

Its the End of the World!!!

This morning I have been transferring all the bills and such to our NEW address. Everything was going well, until I talked to the Internet people. Here is the very tragic news. The Internet people can not come out till WEDNESDAY to hook up our Internet. We are moving on SATURDAY. That means 4 full days without Internet.
I tried telling the lady that there HAD to be a mistake. I can not go FOUR days without Internet. I could die!!!!!! However, she did not seam to care. I wonder if you can die from Internet withdraw?


Anonymous said...

That news is more frightening than the video of your box stacks! 4 DAYS???? Stacey with no internet is like Donnie with no ponytail! Inconceivable!

Peace guys -- Amy

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's true. You CAN die without the Internet.

Stay strong!