Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy (day after) Valentines Day!!

I hope everyone out their in blog land had a great Valentines day!!! Mine was most great. I do not work on Wednesdays, so I had the day off. And, my wonderful husband took the day off, so we got the spent the day together! How fun is that?

I had to run around a bit in the afternoon, and when I got back Donnie had flowers and lunch waiting for me!! How cool is that?

And to top the whole day off I got a new camera!!!! I had been wanting a new digital camera for a while now, and last night I got one! Its the Canon powershot630. I LOVE it! It has a ton of cool features that I'm trying to learn to use. I almost did not go to work today, because I wanted to stay home with my camera.

The feature that I have been playing with the most is called color accent, and it only shows one color, and everything else is in back and white. Too cool!!!


AnneMarie said...

Happy Belated V Day!

Sherry said...

Very cool camera! I love the one color thingie!

You'll have to invite me to your housewarming party :)