Sunday, February 18, 2007

City Living

This past week Donnie and I discovered another down side to living in the city. It goes by the name of home owners insurance. I did not know any of this before buying a house, but in order to have a mortgage one has to have home owners insurance. This is all fine and dandy unless you live in the city.

Here is the problem..(or so I'm told). We are not paying a huge amount of money for the house, but according to the insurance people, if the place burnt down it would cost more than twice what were paying to rebuild. So because what the house cost, and what it would cost to replace is so different, our insurance is SKY high.

I thought maybe the insurance guy was just making all this up, so I called my mortgage guy. He looked up some recent mortgages that he has done in the same area. And everyone was paying about the same HUGE price.

Here is where is gets frustrating. I WANT to live in Detroit. I want to live here to see a city changed. I want to be a part of that change. However, we are encountering so many bad things about living in the city. For a split second I thought we should just move some place else. Donnie and I did talk about it. However, God has given me a heart for the city. This is where I'm going to stay (until the cost of our house insurance drives us to the poor house).

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