Monday, February 19, 2007

What a day!

Are you ready for a story? Settle in...this may get long.

Saturday night my ears started to hurt, but I did not think much of it.

Sunday after church I felt horrible. I ached all over, fever, cough, headache. So I called the family I nanny for I told them I would not be in on Monday. I was hoping this would be like a 24 hour bug, and I would be back to work soon.

Today I did not get out of bed but two times. One, to take a shower. (the hot water felt so good on my aching body) And two, to go to the doctor. I was in no shape to drive so Donnie took me to his doctor (its a walk in clinic) after he got out of work. The clinic is SO ghetto I would prefer not to go there, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm happy to report that the doctor that I got was not ghetto at all, and I really liked him

The first thing the doctor asked me about was my thyroid. I thought this was a bit odd because I thought I had the flu. I have had issues with my thyroid in the past but nothing bad enough that needed treatment. I had not noticed this, but I have a rather large lump on my neck. He basically told me he thought my thyroid was going wacko.

Then came the tests. I had blood taken, an x ray of my chest, a breathing test thing, and an EKG. The EKG showed that something funky is going on in my body. So, I have to go back to this doctor for a 24 hour EKG test, a heart echo sound (or something like that) and have a ultrasound done of my thyroid.

Needless to say this all flipped me out. I go in thinking I have the flu, and leave needing test done on my heart. However, the doctor did give me an antibiotic for everything else that is going on. The doctor also have me this odd inhaler to use that does not spray anything, but you have to suck this power out of it. I can't figure out how to use it. Donnie has been helping.

Also needless to say is I have no pictures for today. I'm in a sorry state, and you should all be thankful that I'm sparing you from seeing me like this.

For all my prayer warrior friends out there, please pray for the healing of my body. Also, please pray that God will grant me peace during this time. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Just know you are in my prayers and your auntie hates it when you are sick. I will try and get your Mom home to take care of you. Love,love,love you.

Trixie said...

Hello Stacy,

I hope you are feeling better today and they find the tyroid problem is all healed.

You are in my prayers,


Sherry said...

I'll be praying for you! Make sure to let us know what they find.