Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update Part 2

We still have no Internet. sniff sniff sniff. For some reason our computer is not working, so I had to call and cancel the Internet guys. I think something happened with the computer in the move. Donnie is great with computers, so he is going to try to fix it soon.

That means that right now I'm at work, and its nap time. Boy do I love nap time. hehehe

I went back to the doctor yesterday to get the results back on my tests. They showed that I have a mass growing on both sides of my thyroid. So what does this mean? More test. ohh joy. I have to go in and have my thyroid scanned. I'm not sure what all this entails, but I know I have to take a day off of work for it. I'm ready to be done with all these tests!!

We are all moved now!!! Yesterday we got all our things out of the apartment, and left our keys. It feels so good to be all moved. However, now we have to do the unpacking. Donnie and I have been SO busy with all this moving stuff! Last night we just relaxed on the sofa for like 30 min before bed, and I think that was the best part of my week so far.

As soon as our computer is up and running I will post pictures!


Anonymous said...

lol ok the pc is fixed... wheres the post's??

AnneMarie said...


AnneMarie said...


Donnie said...

We get internet service in our home sometime after the 12th of the month. At this point Stacey and I are going through withdrawl! But trust me the girl has plenty of pics. :-P