Wednesday, March 21, 2007


After we moved in, Donnie and I had our wedding photographer come out and take pictures of us and our new house. I know this is not something that most people do, but it was SO much fun, and I LOVE the pictures. We got the CD with the pictures on it today, and there are like 90 some pictures!

I wanted to have pictures done for a few reasons. One, I wanted to use them for new address cards, open house cards, and our Christmas newsletter. Also, I want to change the banner on my blog to one of these pictures. However, that won't be for a while, because the lady that made my header before is taking a couple weeks off right now. How can she do this to me? hehehe

We had such a great time with these pictures. She took pictures of us in our bathtub! We were laughing the whole time we were in the tub. I think I will have to have some of the tub pictures printed to hang in the bathroom.

She even took pictures of us and our babies, Wilber and Timpleton! They are famous now!

These pictures were all taken by The Shooting Gallery Photography. Check out the website here! As you can see she does AWESOME work!


Courtney said...

WOW! What a cool idea! I love the pics I see here! I want to see more!!! :-)

Rain said...

That is so cute So what is the new name of your blog gonna be or have you decided on anything yet?

AnneMarie said...

You guys are a perfect match for each other. It is so evident that God put you two together.

Anonymous said...

The "nose-to-nose" in the tub is the BEST! Looking forward to seeing the whole collection of pix!

~~ Amy