Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Computer!!!

So the computer that we have (well...its really Donnie's) has been flaky for a while now. Working, and not working when ever it pleases. The funny thing is that I think the computer issues where more upsetting to me than Donnie.

So, on Sunday night he ordered a new machine online, and it was delivered today! YEAH!!!!! How fast was that??? The plan is to put the new machine in the computer room, and put the old computer downstairs. It will be nice having two machines. Hopefully now we won't be fighting over them!!! hehehe


Rain said...

Thats cool I been looking into ordering a new computer looking at prices and things or seeimg about fixing mine since my hard drive crashed. What kind of computer is it? I have a Dell and the lap top is Dell also I do like Dell but wondering if I should do something different.

Anonymous said...

that really depends on what you want to use the pc for more than anything