Saturday, March 31, 2007

Help Me!

After an afternoon of tramping around in the yard I have found a few thing that I don't know what they are. So if anyone can identify any of these things please let me know! Thanks!

We have these odd tuffs of grass all over the backyard. Any idea what they are? My hubby thinks they might be crab grass.

This is popping up all over the front flower beds. I'm thinking it is some sorta weed. Should I pull all it out?

Okay this last one is a bit odd...maybe even gross. We are finding all sorts of bones in our backyard. Some of them have very smooth edges so Donnie thinks that they were cut at a butcher. Maybe a treat for a dog? But the middle one seems to be some sort of hip bone. Of a dog? Katie....I need your help here!


AnneMarie said...

About the bones.......ummmmm.....

Katie said...

I agree with Donnie, that the bones are from a butcher and were most likely given to a dog as a treat. To be specific they look like two rib bones and a shoulder. Secondly, the tuffs of grass, I think are just that. And the ground cover that's growing in the flower bends, that's not a weed. My advise is to see how much of it grows. You can tame it by cutting it back/digging it out where needed. For absolute answers, take a sample of each to Brodines in Rochester. The people there can identify anything growing, or not. Hope that this helps a little.

Anonymous said...


We have lots of the little tufts of "grass" coming up too. I think they are some form of crocus that has naturalized. They are kind of pretty. They blend in prety well with the regular grass.

At my old house I had tons of those weedy ground covering kind of things like in your second picture. They have little purple flowers and are kind of a wild violet. They can get out of control easy, but are pretty when blooming.


Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents: If the grass tuffs are thicker than "normal" grass, they may be grape hyacinth. If you don't mind them being there for another week or 2, let them grow and see if they get purple buds. That's about the height of mine right now, so I'll check back with you when I see buds on mine. BUT, it's obviously weird that they're out in the yard if they're flowers.......

The heart shaped guys look like violets. Give them a little time, they will get purple flowers. They spread, but are easy to yank out if you decide you don't like them once they bloom.

~~ Amy