Saturday, March 24, 2007


Today my wonderful parents come over to our house. My dad and husband were in the basement fixing something, and my mom and I were in the yard. And know what we found?? More flowers!!! How fun is that?? And seeing that I had my mom right there she could tell me what they were!

Then my mom and I were sitting in the kitchen and we saw a raccoon on the roof of the house in back of us! I don't think I have ever saw a real live raccoon before! The raccoon just kept walking around for a while! I thought he was cute, but I'm told that raccoons do not make good friends.


AnneMarie said...

Be careful with the raccoons. My aunt had a raccoon that chewed a wire on her house and the house burned to the ground. Ahhh!

Courtney said...

I see hyacynth flowers (not sure of the spelling there) at the top! I LOVE those flowers! They smell soooooo good--I'm surprised at how far along they all are already! So pretty! :)