Friday, March 09, 2007

I love the Library!

Currently I'm using the computer at the Redford library. I love this place. Not only do they have tons of books, helpful nice people, but they also have SUPER fast computers! WOW! If only I could live here. hahahaha

I have a very important announcement to make. After much thought I have deiced to keep the 70's green appliance. I'm sure this is very shocking to most of you. Here are the reasons. They are in VERY good shape, and VERY clean. It does not look like anyone has ever even used them. Also, the color is growing on me. It fits the rest of the kitchen. So, they are staying.

There has been another set back to our Internet connection getting. I'm sure you are all shocked. So, we got a phone line, and we are getting DSL. Here's the problem. We only have one phone jack in the whole house (gotta love old houses) and we do not want a wire going all the way from the kitchen to the computer room. So we are having another jack put in. They can not come out to put a jack in till Wednesday. grrr.

On to pictures!!!!! Yeah!!!!

This is Donnie enjoying our very first meal at our house! We ordered pizza (for me) and wings (for Donnie).

A couple days after we moved in we got a big snow, and of course we had no shovel. Donnie had to go to Home Depot to get a shovel.

Here are some pictures of our color choices. The colors look really funky on this computer. I hope they are not like this on yours! In the computer room, on three walls we did a light purple, and on the last wall we painted dark purple. I really like how this room turned out.

In the bedroom we did three walls light blue, and one wall a darker blue. I'm not sure how I feel about these colors.

The living room is a orangeish pinkish color. Donnie calls it adobe. (as in Native American not photoshop)

I would invite you all over for a visit. But the place is still a MESS. Maybe in another month. Have a great weekend!


Sherry said...

Thanks for the update and the pictures! I like your paint choices, especially the purples! I think my girls' room would look nice with those colors.

How have you been feeling?

I will be awaiting my invite to your housewarming! LOL


Anonymous said...

You HAVE removed the for-sale sign in the yard by now........ RIGHT????

So exciting to be a new home owner -- and to have a great library close by! Life is GOOD

~~ Amy