Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fun Day!

Seeing that today is Wednesday I had the day off! Yeah! My dear friend Katie and I got to spend most of the day together. How fun is that? We started at Sweet Lorain's in Southfield for lunch. It was SO good, and very vegetarian friendly.

Then we headed to the Detroit Zoo. Katie had not been there in over 10 years! How sad is that? Seeing that I have a membership we both got in free. You can't beat free!!!

I'm not one to go in the amphibian house, but Katie wanted to so in we went. And we saw the oddest thing. One of the alligators (or is at a crocodile?) was laying there with his mouth open the whole time we were in there. I think he was waiting for food to walk in it. Too funny

Katie was very excited to see the camels, because recently while overseas she had the chance to ride one!We had a great time at the zoo and the weather was great!


Katie said...

Love the pics! It was a great day. We will have to have another adventure again soon.

AnneMarie said...

I love camels! I got to ride one in Egypt when we went to the pyramids.