Friday, June 22, 2007

Bad Stacey......

Okay, once again I have been totally slacking with posting. Sorry. I'm trying to limit my Internet time to just the mornings before I go to work. That does not make a lot of time for blogging. Something will have to be done about this!
For you peeps that live in the Detroit area...have you all been to a Farmer Jack lately? For those of you that don't know, they are closing the stores, and everything is massively discounted! Its great! Donnie and I have been to two different ones in the past week. All greeting cards are 80% off! You can't beat that!
In other news...Donnie and I are addicted to the show NSIC. We watch every night online. Does anyone else love this show? Abby (pictured above) is my favorite person on the show. I love this girl! So in honor of her, I'm making a change in my appearance. Any guesses?


Rain said...

Dont tell me your gonna dye your hair black????? I have not seen that show but had heard it was good from another friend I may have to check it out now.

Gem said...

Oh, wow, I knew everything was discounted but didn't know they were closing ALL of them!

I love Abby! I cannot figure out how she ended up in a military lab, but she rocks!!! I wish they'd figure out if she and whats-his-name (the geeky cute one) are going to get together or not!

(stopped by via Sherry at Frugal Domestic Goddess)

Gem said...

Oh, and my guess is a giant spiderweb tattoo on the back of your neck, lol!