Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today was a big day for our little Frankie. We took him to get groomed for the first time. He had his nails trimmed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, and he got a bath. And for being such a good pug he got a bandanna, and a charm!

He was at Petsmart for 2 hours to get all this done. I think that's a really long time! So we ended up leaving him there, and going out for dinner. Now this was the first time that I had left him with strangers, and I did not handle it well. The whole time we were at dinner I was asking Donnie if I could use his phone (I had left mine at home) to call and check on Frankie. He said no.
While I was teaching I hated the parents who thought that their child could do no wrong. But I think I'm turning into that parent! My little Frankie would never do anything bad, and I was sure to let the grooming people know this. They said he was a perfect angel the whole time. I would expect nothing less from our little Frankie!


Anonymous said...

So very handsome and sophisticated :D

I awarded you a "rockin girl blogger award" on my blog!


KB said...

Frankie looks so good, his smile is blinding!! The bandana is just perfect. If Major didn't have all that fur, I would be putting bandanas on him as well.

Rain said...

Lol that is so cute and funny to cause on Jacksons first bath at petsmart he got the same color bandana :) too cute I will have to search his old photos and show ya now we have a whole drawer full of them he goes once a month its like his day at the doggie spa :)

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose grandma would like a picture of Frankie on the calendar? He does look handsome. Give a hug to Duck for me.