Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Word from Frankie

Hello to all my adoring fans. Frankie the pug here. Mommy was a bit tired tonight, so I'm taking over her Blog. I wanted to tell you all about the past few weeks living with my new family. I did not trust mom to do this correctly.

When I first came to live here, my new mommy had just had thyroid surgery. And just between you and me, I think she was a bit sad. She was feeling very sore, and not able to do very much. I knew I had to make her feel better! For days on end we laid on the couch together watching Judge Judy. I finally found someone who loves court shows as much as I do! I was in doggy heaven! However, I think I made her feel a bit too good, because only after a few days she had to start going to work again. Well...I guess someone has to bring home the doggy treats!

This brings up a problem that I have in my new home. Mom and Dad put me in jail every time they go to work! (they call this jail a crate, but I know what it really is!) And the worst part about the whole thing is that they trick me to get in it! Mommy knows that I CAN NOT resist doggy treats. So, before she goes to work, she throws a doggy treat into the jail, and I get so excited to eat it! Next thing you know I'm locked in, and mom is no where to be found. I will have to discuss this matter with my parents soon.

Even with them putting me in jail every day, I do love my new mommy and daddy very much. One of my favorite things to do is to take mommy for walks. (the doctor says my humans need to get fresh air every day) Often I have to take mommy on walks to the post office. I even have made some friends on these trips. Mommy promises that one day we will be able to have a play date!

There is only one other thing that bothers me about living in my new house. My mom and dad seam to think that I have more cat like qualities than dog like. This is getting so bad that they refer to me as a cat now! Currently I'm seeking legal assistance to sue them for slander. Just because I do not like to get my paws wet, and I sleep under the bed does NOT make me a cat. And the fact that I won't play with dog toys, does not make me any less of a dog. The also seam to think that because I don't come when I'm called I'm not a dog. I'm bring all these issues to the attention of my lawyer immediately.

All and all I think my new home is going to be perfect. Now only if I can get them to stop calling me a cat!


Courtney said...

SO CUTE! I can't wait to meet him!!

AnneMarie said...

When are you going to another Frankie? :)