Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Once again it is really hot outside! Donnie and I bought a window air conditioner unit for our bedroom, so I have been spending almost all my time in the bedroom. This would explain my lack of blogging.

So Donnie and I were playing aggravation last night. I love to play games, and I was super excited when Donnie asked if I wanted to play aggravation. So things were going great, until Frankie joined the game. Recently Frankie's been into licking. Like A LOT. I don't let him lick me because I think it is gross. However, Donnie loves doggy kisses. So as we are playing Frankie starts licking Donnie. Then Donnie starts brushing Frankie, and not even paying attention to the game. I was very upset that I was not getting Donnie's full and undivided attention. I was the third wheel! yuck!


geo said...

slacking off on them post's a lil ;)

Rain said...

Tim says he knows how you feel Stacey when it comes to the dog and being the third wheel. I love my dog so much I usually tell him I am going to bed before I tell Tim LOL. And he maybe licking alot cause of lack of salt in his diet for some reason my pug licks alot if he goes more then a week with out his can of green beans. I am not sure I think it has to do with salt but then again the beans are not salted so I have no clue LOL

Anonymous said...

Maybe your just being insecure. :P

Katie said...

I think that Frankie needs his own personal fan.

Sherry said...

Just like having a baby around! At least you're being ignored for a cutie! Doggie slobbers and all! Hugs!

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