Saturday, June 09, 2007


Sorry about the long delay of a post. I will be better this next week I promise.

So tonight Donnie and I attended the dance recital of the two girls I nanny for. I have been dancing for the vast majority of my life, so I'm no stranger to dance recitals. However, this one was quiet the show.

Side Note (this will help in understanding the rest of the story): Donnie and I live not to far away from a certain "gentleman's club" named Chapeau Vert. Donnie and I make fun of this ALL the time. Okay back to the story

We came to the conclusion that this dance recital was sponsored by Chapeau Vert. It was THAT bad. The girls had barely any clothes on, and they were shaking things I did not know could shake! Donnie at times said he was feeling guilty watching it. We also concluded that this dance school is run by Chapeau Vert in order to train their future dancers. How sad.

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