Sunday, June 24, 2007


After church today Donnie and I headed over to the Detroit Zoo for the afternoon. The zoo added a couple warthogs a while back so we had to go check them out. The bad news about our trip was that is was really hot, and when its really hot the animals don't do a whole lot. But we still had a great time.
One of our first stops was to see the polar bears. Donnie loves the polar bears. Because it was so hot I think they were all trying to get in the little shade that there was.
Another stop that we highly enjoy is the kangaroos. One of them was just posing so nicely for the camera.
Then we headed to the prairie dogs. They are one of my favorite things at the zoo. I think this is because they remind me of gerbils and hamsters. We were told that there are about 21 baby prairie dogs. They are SO cute! I wanted to take one home, but Donnie said no. :-(
We ended our trip with the warthogs. They were very hard to find, and not to entertaining once we did find them! Ohh well....not all the animals can be as fun as prairie dogs!


Anonymous said...

It's going to be a few weeks before we can get to the zoo. I need to save up to get us a family membership. I just emptied my piggy bank to make it through this week! My Mom did buy me some flowers from Lowe's though, and a new cute bird bath topper and the COOLEST frog! (Pics soon)

As for ivy -- I have what MAY be ivy. But it's not the green English ivy. It's green and kinda white or light green. I'll take a pic in a few days. It just may be from a friend's yard that I took a cutting from several years back. I may or may not have planted it -- ha ha, I have SUCH a bad memory!

Big hugs to cutie Frankie!


Courtney said...

We thought the same thing about the warthogs...Hard to find and not very entertaining!!! Glad you had fun though!

Erin said...

courtney told me about your site. you look so happy- im happy for you :) hope we can catch up sometime! you can look me up on facebook if you want!
erin hughes